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    Our eco-friendly sponge is the perfect plastic free alternative to conventional dish sponges. It is made of upcycled materials and filled with coconut fiber which is a 'waste' product from coconut peel. That gives it a 'spongy' feeling and makes cleaning dishes easy. And yes, you can also use it for cleaning the house.

    The sponge does not get smelly but if you wish you can wash it. It may feel a bit stiff at the beginning but once you start using the sponge it will get softer. If you want to fast track this just machine wash it.

    The designs and colors of the sponge change due to the upcycle approach. Therefore we will choose a sponge on your behalf.

    You can machine wash the sponge but not with very hot water. Let it dry in the sun; the sun is a natural sanitizer.

    Dimensions of one piece in inches: 5.25 x 3.75
    Dimensions of one piece in cm: 13 x 9.5
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    Dish Sponge

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