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The master mind behind all the wood work and the man with the magical touch to make the perfect ‘shabby look’.

“I never imagined I would go into wood work. My passion was and still is music. I worked as a DJ and there is not  a day I spend in the workshop without listening to music. My passion for design and wood work started when I found a small left over wood that I turned into a match box holder. One could lighten a match stick by using only one hand, there was also a space to place the used stick that it could be reused. The design of functional home ware and unique furniture pieces has become my life and other passion. By the way, I am the ‘O’ in the Soso.”



The woman behind the scenes with a passion for upcycling and textiles.

“To bring more light into our brand name; I am the ‘S’ in the Soso. I worked in development cooperation sector, administration and marketing for many years. But I always had the dream of having something of my own; combining creative work with creating jobs. I love what comes with design; the process of turning an idea into a functional and beautiful product and sourcing for the right material. Creativity is also needed in administration and marketing, solving a problem goes faster when you can think outside the box.”



He climbs the coconut tree as fast as he assembles a tray and a man who is eager to learn new things.

“I have been working with Simply Soso since almost the beginning. Together we have overcome many challenges and I like when I am given the challenge of transferring their idea into a product. I learnt carpentry by a local fundi in Kilifi and have further developed my skills with time. Simply Soso makes many things a bit different than I was used to but it gives me the chance to learn new things. I love music; music is almost always on in the workshop and if it’s a busy day it’s the music that pushes me through it.”



The Woman who loves tailoring, has many other talents and juggles like so many others motherhood and work.

“I always loved tailoring, working with fabric and making something out of it. I used to have a small shop in Kilifi town until I got a job in a sewing project. It is when that workshop closed that I got to know Simply Soso. I do not only sew but I also assist with painting of the homeware products. At first it was new, but I took the challenge and got used to it.”